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Absolute worst customer service. Shipped my instrument cluster and body control module (bcm) down to Georgia.

My work order stated that the mileage correction needed to be reprogrammed to 116,130 miles. I got it back in the mail a week later only to find that it was reprogrammed to 186,130. So I sent it back they I got an email saying that it was unrepairable? Why the ---- couldn't you figure that out the first time?

Now I'm going on my second week without any truck and still on problem fixed! Just another case of don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Watch out of this company, they are not reliable and untrustworthy! Beware!!!!!

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I bet your five year old not only has better service than the company but is more mature than you are. It is obvious from your review you are childish and immature.

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